Hi, I'm Julia Hermansson

An illustrator and designer who create designs that could be described as playful, bold and vibrant. The aim is to create in a way where as many people as possible can relate to the motif. I love to portray people and I can be inspired by everything from people I meet or walk by to different color combinations and shapes. Alongside my personal work I prefer to work with design for editorial use both online and print, advertising campaigns and more. Besides my work I'm an absent-minded-professional fika-person who prefer sushi rather than burgers.
Adidas ・ Studiefrämjandet ・ Refinery29 ・ Aveda ・ Match.com ・ Oh Comely Magazine ・ Virgin ・ Just Wanna Have Fun ・ Balance Magazine ・ Ash Magazine ・ Nevertheless ・ The Underdog ・ Stylist Magazine ・ NatWest ・ Gardet

I am always interested in working with new clients. Fancy my work? Contact me at: hello@juliahermansson.com to discuss it further.